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M97 series programmable DC electronic load
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High power DC power supply

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M93 series programmable AC electronic load

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M93 series programmable AC electronic load

M93 series AC load will be on market soon

    M93 series programmable AC electronic load is applied to test the AC power-generating equipments, such as UPS,AC power supplies, and some other equipments either with active current or inactive current, such as switches,breakers, fuses, connectors and power semiconductors. M93 series AC electronic load can analog the load state in which  power factors can be adjustable, which provides effective method to test the running sate of AC products in real work condition and thus improve the reliablity of the products.


  • Supporting DC electronic load operation modes: CC,CV,CR,CW
  • Supporting AC electronic load operation modes: common electronic load mode and rectifier electronic load mode
  • Suppporting analog voltage, current monitoring function
  • Supporting short circuit analog function
  • Over power, over current, over voltage, over heat protection function
  • Power factor ranges from 0 to 1(phase difference could be exceeding or lagging when in rectifier electronic load mode)
  • Applicable to measure time, such as measuring the life time of batteries, UPS, fuses, breakers,etc
  • Applicable to measure the V, I, PF, CF, P, Q, S, F, R, Ip-/+ and THDv.

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