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M97 series programmable DC electronic load
M98 series programmable LED DC electronic load
M88 series programmable DC power supply

M66 series multifunctional power supply

High power DC electronic load
High power DC power supply

Mobile testing power supply(Microamp)

M93 series programmable AC electronic load

Test System



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Maynuo Electronic Co.,Ltd a professional R & D and production of programmable DC electronic loads, programmable DC power supply, high power load, power supply, AC power supply, power supply, such as testing high-performance mobile phone test equipment and facilities, as well as electrical, electronic, aerospace, military, chemical, automotive, battery charger, battery, solar cell production lines and other industries to provide automated testing program. The company has many years experience in a number of outstanding technical R & D, product innovation by the majority of users. We are committed to provide users with more accurate and more stable more easily accessible to the higher cost of test instruments, to create the industry in testing the influence of an international brand of excellence.
    Maynuo Electronic Co.,Ltd
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Programmable DC Electronic Load, Programmable DC Power Sources, Triple Output Programmable DC Power Sources, Test System,
Mobile Communications DC Sources, High Power Switched Mode Power Sources, Programmable AC Electronic Load

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